So you know you have angels and you talk to them from time to time. But did you know just how helpful and practical it is to ask your angels for assistance when you experience challenges in your life? Any time you feel stuck or indecisive you don’t need to feel alone. You have a team of guardian angels at your beck and call just waiting to assist you!

You can think of this as having a board of directors that you can consult any time you need help, guidance or assistance. They won’t tell you what to do; they’ll never impose on you; but they are ALWAYS willing to help. So don’t be afraid to ask! There’s no question that is too insignificant or too complex to ask your angels. Never feel like you are bothering them, because that’s what they are there for. They are ready and willing to help you, because they are growing on another level by being of service to you.

So, what are some of the ways that your angels can assist you? There are many, but let me share with you 3 important ways that your angels can assist you.


Have you ever felt like you were in the right place at the wrong time, or the wrong place at the right time? When I’ve been in that situation, it feels like doors of opportunity keep slamming. If you feel like, “Why is nothing working out for me?” or “I’m doing my best, why am I not getting the opportunities I seek?” It could well be that you are doing the right thing, just ahead of schedule or behind schedule. Your timing is off.

Often, people will get ahead of themselves. They have an idea or an inspiration that really excites them and they want to get started right away… like right now! But then they wonder why no one else seems as excited as they are, and why things aren’t moving.

You need to slow down and check with your guidance concerning the best time to take action on this goal. When you are in the right place at the right time, things FLOW. Success becomes easy and natural. Your angels have a bigger picture of your timing because they are detached from the pressures of planet earth. So ask them for help!


When you feel stuck or indecisive about something there is always a solution. Often indecision means you need to do a little more fact-finding to get the answers you seek. Here’s the secret: your angels always have a solution for you, but they might not tell you directly. Sometimes the solution that your angels want to tell you is just so different from what you are used to, that if they just told you directly you wouldn’t believe it or understand it.

So instead, your angels will guide you to the person or information source that has the solution you seek. Have you ever had a hunch to read a book, call or friend or do a Google search? I hope you followed through and took action on that hunch because your angels were guiding you to find the solution to a challenge you were experiencing.

Recently I had an inspiration to offer a workshop while I am in Las Vegas at Ali Brown’s Shine event. Although I knew the inspiration was right, I didn’t know how to structure the workshop or sessions and when to do it. The details weren’t coming together. I had an inspiration from my angels to make an appointment to chat with a business friend of mine. She gave me the perfect solution to my challenge that I never would have thought of on my own! My angels guided me to the answers I needed.


Do you have a big event or meeting planned that is making you a little nervous? Perhaps a job interview or a difficult conversation that you know you need to have with a family member? Before you get to your meeting, you can actually ask your angels to help you prepare.

Just meditate quietly and ask your angels to share with you any possible pitfalls that you need to be aware of when you go in to your meeting. Your angels can share with you keywords and insights to be aware of. Perhaps you need to go in to the meeting with a certain feeling – like calm. Maybe they will encourage you to be open and to really listen to the other person.

If there are possible personality conflicts, or difficulties that could arise, your angels will tell you ahead of time and give you a heads up. That way, you can go into your meeting putting your best foot forward and have the most positive outcome possible.

Start working with your angel team of advisors every day. You’ll be amazed at the positive effect it can have in your life. To learn more about these opportunities visit Melissa’s website at

Source by Melissa Kitto