The Las Vegas Philharmonic just opened its 21st season over the weekend and music director and conductor Donato Cabrera is our guest on the latest episode of All The Vegas to get you excited about the amazing music you’ll experience at the Smith Center for the Performing Arts in 2019 and 2020.

The Very Vegas Showcase on October 12 is one of the season’s most anticipated concerts, inspired by Keith Thompson’s Composer’s Showcase at the Smith Center. “I left that concert so inspired to realize how much incredible talent is here [and] every time I go it’s the most amazing thing ever,” says Donato, who collaborated with Keith to plan the Very Vegas Showcase. “It’s going to be so fun.”

We also talk with Donato about creating programs for the Phil and the California Symphony; his first job as a delivery driver for his grandfather’s industrial supply business which was located right around the corner from The Space; how the Phil has evolved alongside the Smith Center; what it takes to remove preconceived notions about classical music and expose it to a new audience; shaking up the classics by introducing music from more diverse composers and a whole lot more. We also plan a holiday onesie party. You’re invited.


Mordeo Boutique Wine Bar is one of the best new culinary experiences in Las Vegas according to Donato and he has really good taste so you should listen to him.

Mark recently returned to the Golden Nugget and he’s digging the downtown landmark’s vintage style.

Brock has a new favorite snack and it’s the chicharron verde at Santos Guisados Tacos & Beer.

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