The trickle of information coming out of Area15 today became a flood, one that promises to push open the doors of the massive “purpose-built experiential art and entertainment complex” at 6 p.m. on Thursday, September 17.

For those who aren’t familiar with this unprecedented project—located a few blocks south of Palace Station in a you-can’t-miss-it charcoal box printed with terrestrial coordinates, whose entrance is flanked by colorful alien constructs and exhausted robots—you might know it better as the future home of Meow Wolf’s Ultra Mart, a massive, exploratory piece of interactive art.

The Meow Wolf installation will make its debut next year, but Area15 will nevertheless have plenty to offer on its opening day, including Birdly, a dreamlike flying simulator; Emack & Bolios, a gourmet ice cream parlor; Haley’s Comet, “the first indoor, electric dual-track suspension ride in the United States”; Oddwood, a bar built around a color-changing tree and draped with a canopy of 5,000 LED lights; Shogyo Mujo, the giant projection-mapped skull you might have seen at Life Is Beautiful a couple of years back; Henry Chang’s Valyrian Steel, a hyper-stylized art car; and much more, including an enclosed, outdoor dining area.

Many more attractions, dining and retail spots will open at Area15 in the coming months, from an arcade to an axe-throwing lounge. But if you’d like to see what wonders Area15 holds in its first iteration, you’ll need to reserve a spot. (Area15 is steadfastly abiding by the latest recommendations from medical professionals, which means temperature checks, attendance caps and, yes, face masks required for all concerned.)

All ages are welcome, but the bars are 21-and-over. Visit to claim your spot in line.

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