Discovery Children’s Museum

Discovery Children’s Museum (File)

Sometimes the best way to learn is by doing. Sure, a teacher can tell you the answer. But that’s not nearly as fun or as memorable as discovering it on your own. Experimentation, deduction, trial and error-—these are the best teachers. But in our ever more stressful and technology-laden lives, it can seem there’s no time to just play and no room to experience failure.

To combat this trend, “makerspaces” have emerged as a place where kids and adults can craft and create. Think of it as a sandbox for the mind. They can be found at schools, libraries and now at Las Vegas’ own Discovery Children’s Museum.

The Discovery Lab officially launched this week, and it features some really cool “toys” and experiences. There’s a 3D printer and laser cutter, along with opportunities to sculpt, sew, wood work, paint, make pottery, code, tinker with circuitry and more. The Discovery Lab features both an “open-making area” for free-form exploration and a “guided-making area” with computer lab and CAD software for more complex endeavors. Stay tuned for workshops and summer camps.

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