The fun and friendly atmosphere at Distill is a lot easier to find around the Vegas Valley.

Brothers Todd and Mike Nigro, principals in local real estate and construction company Nigro Development, got into the tavern business 12 years ago when they opened Remedy’s in Henderson and expanded with the creation of Distill in 2014 in Summerlin.

The key to creating a great neighborhood bar in the Las Vegas Valley is adding terrific food to a fun, home-away-from-home environment. Distill has capitalized on those elements and is currently celebrating a rapid expansion with grand opening parties at five new locations.

The bar at 6945 S. Rainbow Boulevard marked its opening on May 10 and the new Distill at 4140 S. Durango Drive is next up on May 17. The events continue on May 24 at 5750 S. Decatur Boulevard, May 31 at 1231 American Pacific Drive in Henderson and June 8 at 7790 W. Cheyenne Ave.

Mike Nigro said the company had been planning to expand when it came across the opportunity to purchase six bars operating under the Putter’s banner.

“One of the main reasons why we purchased these taverns was because of their locations,” he said. “We wanted to cover more areas of the valley and thought these spots could be successful. It’s been a huge undertaking.”

The sixth new location, near Warm Springs and Durango in the southwest valley, will be closed for three months for a full remodel. The five new Distill bars that have re-opened all received new paint, decor and furniture and new TV screens and gaming machines in order to create a consistent experience. The RED Loyalty program is also a constant at all Distill and Remedy’s locations.

The menu is also consistent at the new bars, and updating the food offerings has always been part of the Distill brand. You’ll find creative dishes like crispy Shanghai Brussels sprouts, Cajun IPA butter shrimp and avocado eggrolls in addition to bar food favorites like burgers, wings, sliders and fish and chips, but the Distill menu is revised twice a year to keep regulars happy.

“A lot of bars don’t focus on food. We do,” Nigro said. “Ninety percent of our menu is made from scratch and every spring and fall, we take 10 items off and add 10 more. We found that the people who like to go to our places tend to go more than once a week, and they like to try new things and don’t want the same things over and over.”

Now those regulars can find familiar but fresh experiences at so many more locations around the valley.

“It’s been exciting. We want to be one of the premier local tavern operators in the valley, if were aren’t already,” he said. “It’s about the experience.”

For more information on events and locations, visit distillbar.com.

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