Greg Thilmont

Weekends have been lively (and tasty) this summer at the Llama Lot on East Fremont Street. Since mid-June, the large swath of asphalt by the vintage “Llamas Stay for Free” neon sign has morphed on Friday and Saturday evenings into the Real Awesome Food Park.

During the event—which is ongoing—numerous eateries on wheels set up in the Downtown open space and serve their specialties to hungry revelers. It’s a joint undertaking between Paul Samano, the proprietor of the Real Awesome Food Truck, and Fergusons Downtown, the historic motel next door that’s currently being renovated into a dining and retail destination.

The hootenanny rounds up a cross-section of cuisines, which has so far included decadent lobster rolls from Cousins Maine Lobster; fragrant Laotian and Thai stir-frys from the Spice Is Right; truffle linguine from Prisma; and deep-fried wieners from the Corn Dog Company. Add in Hawaiian ices, Cuban sandwiches, tacos and barbecue, with more to come. The roster of wagons will switch up each night as the calendar moves forward, bringing new menus to explore.

Real Awesome Food Park is kid-friendly, and well-behaved pooches are welcome, too. Tables and chairs are scattered about for relaxing, and there’s an artificial grass-lined play area with cornhole and foosball for friendly throwdowns. It’s a chill scene—even in the Mojave Desert heat.

Real Awesome Food Park 900 E. Fremont St. Fridays and Saturdays, 7-11 p.m.

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