There are very few places in the world that has it all. Las Vegas is known for its beaches, vibrant nightlife, amusement parks and the glamorous hotels and shopping complexes. This city is a hot spot for family vacations too.

This city is also home to a horde of special family friendly attractions that makes it fit for visitors of all ages. Some of the best family friendly tours of the city are as follows.

The Conservatory at the Bellagio, which is located inside the Bellagio hotel, is definitely something very trendy and that no one should miss. The theme of this conservatory is changed 5 times a year. The botanical garden is an amazing place to be and you should really not forget to take your camera to capture some exquisite shots at this place.

The MGM Grand Lion Habitat is one of the most popular kid's attraction at Las Vegas. You must visit here if you want to watch the lions play, mingle with each other, sleep and being fed by its trainers.

The Mirage Volcano is another grand family attraction with an interesting look and feel. It is not every day that you can see a volcano erupt. Every night, a volcano erupts up to 60 feet in front of the Mirage hotel. This magnificent show of water, fire and steam is perhaps the one of the best attractions that should not be missed on your family tour in the city .

The Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo is your place when you want to take a nice stroll with your family in midst of the gorgeous gardens that are overflowing with exotic flora and fauna from all around the world.

To experience the old Vegas in all its glory, you must take a visit to the Fremont street huge light show. A 1,400 square feet canopy covers the street and you are in for an incredible experience at this terrific show. Each mesmerizing light show lasts something between 6 to 8 minutes and you will be sad that it is all over so fast.

For you to get to these locations, we suggest you hire a car with the best car rentals in Las Vegas. There is even more in store for you when in the city. Any complete Las Vegas City travel information guide will give you the details of the best touring locations in this place.

Source by Kiran Davis