One of the first things you notice when you’re in the audience waiting for Fantasy to begin is the wide range in ages around you. Yes, you’ve got plenty of 20-somethings, ready to have a cocktail (or two) and really let loose when the sexy ladies take the stage. But there’s also plenty of senior citizens in attendance, and sometimes they make even more noise than their much-younger counterparts.

Anita Mann’s topless revue has been going strong for 21 years, and once you’ve seen the show, it becomes obvious why: This is just out-and-out fun from start to finish, highlighted from some seriously rocking dance moves and a soundtrack that spans the decades.

Mann’s show is sure to be a different experience in the time of COVID-19—every show reopening has to follow strict social distancing guidelines, audience members must wear a mask during the performance, and any show that has the element of performers working closely together onstage will have to find a way to work around that. But Fantasy has always been a show that’s evolved with the times, and it seems a safe bet that Mann will figure out a solution that keeps the show fresh and captivating.

One element of Fantasy that will remain unchanged is its “halftime” comedy entertainment, in the form of comedian/magician Murray Sawchuck. Longtime visitors to Vegas will no doubt recognize Sawchuck from his many stints around town at properties ranging from Tropicana Las Vegas to Planet Hollywood. He’s easily one of the most likable performers on the Strip, and he fits in perfectly with Fantasy’s lively vibe.

And Lorena Peril will still host the festivities, a powerful singer who’s amazing at loosening up uptight audiences. To see her in action is as entertaining as the ladies onstage.

Luxor, 18+, 702.262.4400

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