Kovalev vs Ward

Steve Marcus

Lorena Peril sings the national anthem before the light heavyweight title fight between Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev at T-Mobile Arena Saturday, Nov. 19, 2016.

When you hear Lorena Peril sing, her voice is so clear and strong, it might seem like she’d need no amplification. She’s been singing in the long-running “Fantasy” revue for the better part of the last decade, filling up Luxor’s 350-seat Atrium Showroom with that powerful voice, but she’s unleashing the music through a different type of sound system these days.

“We’ve been calling it truck-e-oki,” she jokes. “It’s a working title, but I don’t know if it’s working.”

Thanks to the handy technical skills of her husband, Ray Jon Narbaitz, Peril has been serenading the couple’s surrounding streets. He connected his pickup truck’s stereo system to some additional speakers mounted in the bed and cruises along behind Peril playing songs requested by neighbors and fans on Facebook while she sings the tunes live and with a lot of heart.

“It wasn’t so much for me, it’s more that I just love entertaining and letting people escape for a while,” she says on the latest episode of the Sun on the Strip podcast. “And when I come home, my heart feels full, it feels complete.”

Peril has been expanding her socially distant concerts to hospitals and other facilities in recent weeks, keeping busy and keeping that voice tuned up until “Fantasy” resumes and she can return to the stage.

“I can be myself and that’s what I love about being in the show,” says Peril, who’s also become known in recent months for performing the national anthem at Vegas Golden Knights games, major boxing matches and other sporting events in Las Vegas and California. “It’s not always the same show every night. I get to come up with new material or just be off the cuff. A lot of shows I’ve been with have been a great time but I couldn’t go off script. I’ve realized who I am, an entertainer who loves to make people laugh and be spontaneous.”

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