There are a few basic things that you must know if you are planning to go to Vegas. The first thing that you must carry with you is walking shoes for a trip there. You will need a pair of shoes that will help you stand in long lines and walk long distances.

The second thing is that the Vegas weather is fairly predictable. The nights are cool from October to April so you must carry warm clothes. You must also carry a lot of sunscreen lotion to protect you skin from sunshine with which the place abounds. Vegas is a desert town so you must drink a lot more water than you may be used to. The climate in Vegas is very dry and quite possibly, you might not be used to such heat and dryness.

You should avoid going to Vegas during the holiday season as the prices are higher and it is way too crowded. You should plan and book your trip well in advance and make sure that you get good accommodation.

If you play golf then you must come prepared so bring the best clubs to play a couple of rounds. Bring a good set of formal clothes too, to see some of the great shows playing in the city. Vegas may be expensive and is known to be an attraction for big spenders, but if you spend carefully say about $100 per day you could have a good holiday for two. On the other hand people who spend lavishly could spend thousands of dollars on a single meal easily. If you are on a fixed budget then do a bit of planning beforehand.

If you want to wander off from your resort or hotel then you must hire a car and drive on your own. It’s quite likely you may not keep track of the time while you are enjoying yourself in the casinos.

Vegas is also very famous for its weddings as much as it is for the casinos. If you are planning to get married in Vegas then you have a lot of styles to choose from and you will not be alone as there are around 122,000 couples every year who apply for licenses to get married in Vegas. Licensing fees in Vegas is about $55 (this is the present rate and it may change) and there is an additional fee that is charged for the use of the chapel and for the services that are offered. You may want a small and simple wedding or a lavish and bold one, whatever you can afford.

A trip to Vegas would prove an excellent vacation experience for your entire family if you are planning a wedding, a gambling festival, to see one of your favorite acts, a golf smorgasbord or if it is just spending time with your family at the pool. A trip to Vegas is what you make of it. Make sure you have a lot of fun. Watch shows, go sight seeing, enjoy the food, spend time at the spa of your hotel, relax and rejuvenate yourself before you get back home and to your daily routine.