How to become self-educated about hiring a Professional DJ for your Wedding and how extremely vital that hiring decision actually is for your Wedding Day.

There is more to hiring a DJ for your Event or Celebration then price. It is important that you consider this fact: The DJ you choose is actually The Host/Master of Ceremonies for your reception. He/She will be making 75% or better of the Announcements as well as choosing the appropriate music, coordinating with Photographers, Videographers, Maitre D’ and staff to keep the events on schedule. Plus, he/she is the main Party Motivator to get your guests up and dancing and celebrating. So, yes, it is critical.

So what is the key to self educating yourself about hiring a great Wedding DJ? Simple… Ask a lot of questions rather than just rates. Like “What sets you apart from other DJ companies?” or “What is your biggest event or party?”. Become educated about the service. There are plenty of people who own a PA and a CD collection who do the local bar every week and call themselves a DJ. Is that what you want for your Wedding or any event? I’m sure the answer is no.

The truth is that “You get what you pay for”. If you want a High-End professional DJ company that will get your celebration into high gear then it is well worth paying a premium price. Especially if it is your Wedding Reception! You want a team that is on your side and ready to get out there and be entertaining and involved with your guests with a Master of Ceremonies who is probably THE most important element to your special day. Really consider it… Do you really want “Bob the DJ” from the local tavern or the lowest priced guy on Craigslist at the helm of your Party, Event or Wedding?

So ask questions, lots of them and write down notes. Choose from the best, not the cheapest. (Secret: Even the best Wedding DJ Service will have a package that fits your budget. Shhhh!)

Here are a few suggestions:

Do you have a sample contract that we can see?

Will you help me to choose the wedding music?

Are you insured?

Do you have a back-up system / DJ equipment in case of emergency?

What is your professional experience?

Can you provide references or reviews?

Will the DJ and staff be dressed properly?

Do you charge for setup and break down?

Do you use professional equipment?

Will you take song requests from guests?

Will you coordinate with the other vendors (ie:wedding photographer) to maintain the events of the day?

You deserve to get the best entertainment for your budget. So hire the Wedding DJ Service that will provide an entertainment package for you that suits your party specifically. A DJ Service that will work with you right up until the day of your celebration to make sure that your party is worry free and in the qualified hands of experienced party & event professionals. So that it will be a memorable experience that you’ll never forget and one that your guests will talk about for years to come. So… very simply… Ask for it.

Billy O.

Source by Bill Ohocinski