Krakow is a great city to hang out in simply due to the number of universities nearby. The number of students and young people who call the place home means that there is an overflow of nightlife options available. For those who are interested in music and dancing, Old Town is full of exciting, hip establishments that are open all night long. Prozak (Plac Dominika 6), Afera (ul. Slawkowska 13), Goraczka (ul. Szewska 7) and Carpe Diem (ul. Marka) are among the most popular, and are almost always full of happy partiers on any given night.

Special deals on drinks at Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem (along with its sister bar, Carpe Diem II) offers special deals on drinks for those who come early on Monday and Wednesdays, so you may be able to score your beer for less than 1 euro a pint. They also provide an impressive rock n roll atmosphere with great music and biker paraphernalia on the walls for those tired of the techno and party music found at Prozak and Goraczka. These bars are frequented by locals and visitors alike, so don’t be intimidated to jump in and join the fun!

Trendy in Kazimierz

If you consider yourself to be a member of the trendy bohemian crowd, you may want to skip the old town clubs and instead head to Kazimierz. Plac Nowy is home to a number of ultra-hip bars and clubs, such as Alchemia, which is perhaps the most famous of Krakow’s many hang-outs and is packed with people every evening. The antique pictures on the walls, creaky floors, and candle-lit tables make this not only a great place to grab a drink and hang out with friends, but to enjoy a truly unique atmosphere.

Source by Ken Sand