Las Vegas is a place like no other. There are an endless amount of attractions for visitors and residents to experience. The most popular activities in Vegas usually involve the strip. There is a seemingly endless line of casinos, clubs and other glitzy attractions. If you have already hit the strip and are looking for something different to do I have just the attraction. That attraction is the Atomic Testing Museum. Its something different that will give you an interesting story when you get back from your vacation. Keep reading and learn about the museum.

Nevada is of course famous for Vegas and the glitz and glamour of the Vegas Strip but it was also home to a big part of American history. The state was used by the US Government to test and develop nuclear weapons for over a forty year period. The Atomic Testing Museum is over 8000 square feet and uses a number of different displays to tell the story of America’s nuclear testing. It contains audio and video media as well as unique artifacts to tell the story of the over 900 nuclear weapon tests that were conducted in Southern Nevada. Besides the history of the actual testing you will also learn about the history and culture at the time of the tests and the importance of the program to the security of the country. Most of the video is displayed on television screens located throughout the museum but there is also the “Ground Zero Theatre” which is designed to resemble a concrete bunker. The theater shows an actual above ground test and will help give you an idea of the power of nuclear weapons. This just scratches the surface of what there is at the museum. There are quite a few other things to see there so plan to spend a couple of hours at the museum to fully take everything in.

This is a great attraction to see that is somewhat off the beaten path. If you would like to plan a visit to the museum you can find it at 755 E. Flamingo Road in Vegas. Call the information line at (702) 794-5161 for current hours and admission prices before you go. Have Fun.

Source by James C