Las Vegas, Nevada is home to the biggest and most stylish hotels in the US. Visited by millions from around the world, it is a favorite spot for movies and concerts as well.

The downtown region displays many entertainment and delightful centers. Most hotels provide the most lush services and facilities. Internal casinos are amongst the common features of these Las Vegas hotels where many guests enjoy gambling until dawn. These are amongst the very few of the attractions on the Fremont Street that are intended to draw the tourist’s money.

Ever since the Las Vegas Boulevard, popularly known as the Strip, became the core of tourist attraction and gambling in 1990, other hotels started to open under the name of the Fremont Street Experiment. This experiment formed because hotels on the Strip dominated Nevada’s tourist’s money and the managers of the Fremont based Las Vegas hotels and casinos wanted to make their buildings more attractive, at a cheaper rate.

Since 1906, the first ever hotel, Hotel Nevada, was opened, earning the first gambling license. Now, the Fremont Street plays a vital role in entertaining the guests of Las Vegas and giving more than the history of gambling and entertainment ever did. The Fremont Street Las Vegas hotels are actually an association of a few downtown Nevada casinos.

The largest resort and casino in the downtown is the Golden Nugget. Covering over 38 thousand square feet, it was originally built in 1946 and was renovated during the last few years, revolving into a new Las Vegas hotel tower. The casino earns its name “Golden Nugget” because the worlds largest nugget of gold; 27.21 kg can be located in the lobby. The Nugget originally was found in the 1980’s and then later sold to this casino.

Along with this, the world’s largest slot machines are located in this area and hold the key attraction for tourists. Taking over 40 thousand square foot, these machines are situated in the Las Vegas Four Queens Hotel and Casino. Even this hotel has expanded since its original opening date, in 1966, and the first casino club in the city center opened here.

The Fitzgeralds is one more one of the well-known casinos in the city center of casinos. The Las Vegas hotel, located in a 34-story building follows the theme of “The luck of the Irish.” It comprises of the renowned leprechaun mascot and shamrocks. Over 1000 slot machines and more than 25 gambling tables are located in these 24-thousand square feet of casino.

Many of these casino’s present openhanded bonuses to draw tourists and participate with the Strip’s mega-resorts. They also present some of the lowest restrictions at the tables. You can find a game of Blackjack for as low as $5 in Fremont Street!

Fremont Street has more than a few theaters on which different performers play music every night. This spot is also one of the finest places for people to enjoy the vibrant colors as the performers set the stage on fire for the tourists! Even locals enjoy this part of the city and participate enthusiastically in these curricular activities. On the weekends, Fremont street offers a motorcycle show in which four motorcyclists ride in tight loops inside a steel globe to stun their viewers of the magnificent talents they have. In addition, if you look skywards you will see free light and video shows that dance across the screen

In addition, throughout the year Fremont Street acts host to a variety of car and motorcycle shows. You can wander among the classic cars or custom bikes parked on the walkway to see the treat Las Vegas offers as well.

Therefore, the conception of hotels only screaming for money is an illusion that the Fremont Street shatters by presenting their deals on regular and discount packages as well. This is the perfect place to go if you are looking to have some fun here without breaking the bank and spending thousands of dollars on just a weekend trip. You can book into any one of the multiple hotels found on Fremont street and enjoy Las Vegas the way it was a few decades ago.

Source by Ezekiel Phippen