Las Vegas is the ultimate destination for anybody looking for that great show full of laughter and drama. This city offers you plenty of distractions and attractive sideshows while you wait for show time. You will never find yourself waiting around not knowing what to do. You’d most probably wish you had more time to experience everything that this amazing city has to offer. Las Vegas caters to all tastes and has some rather racy shows lined up for those who are up to it. The other, less steamy ones are no less entertaining though and offer great entertainment for multi age groups.

The Sopranos Last Supper is an entertaining musical comedy. It has a cast of 20 actors and the show appeals to you at many levels. Tickets for this fantastic show are priced at a minimum of $ 95, which is considered a steal. It is real value for money when you think about the unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience you will have. The duration of the show is a little over two hours and guarantees you will leave with sore feet and sides brought on by all the dancing and laughing. The Sopranos last Supper is the ultimate Las Vegas experience which includes dancing, singing and great Italian food in a show that encourages audience participation. This show is staged at the Aladdin every night from Thursday to Tuesday. show time is 6 pm.

The Las Vegas Hilton stages Menopause the Musical, which gives you an irreverent inside look at women growing older in today’s world. This show has been acclaimed worldwide for its rather honest insight into life for women before, during and after the change.

Tony N Tina’s Wedding, which is being played at Rio, gives you a rather rare and funny insight at dysfunctional America. This show encourages active audience participation, so be warned. You won’t be sedately seated in one of those comfortable chairs in an opera hall. Here you pay a price to entertain as well as to be entertained. You are part of the show, not part of the audience. The fee includes a great meal, a couple of dances, a piece of wedding cake and a glass of champagne so you can raise a toast to the newly married couple. This show is not unlike a big Italian wedding, full of fun and revelry.

There are plenty of options to choose from, each one more tempting than the other. Every show has its own different theme and attraction. It really is extremely difficult to nail down just one or two that you absolutely must see. All of them are good and cater to different tastes and ages. If you plan a trip to Las Vegas, be sure to keep aside time to take in some of these world famous shows. Make reservations in advance if possible. If the show you’ve set your heart on is running houseful, well you can always choose another equally good show on this trip and maybe come back again to Las Vegas to take in everything you missed the first time around.