Tarie always managed to surprise me with his adventures.

Tarie was what you would call a modern day playboy with one interest in life only: chasing women. No matter their age, no matter their style, and no matter the color of their skin, he was always on a constant pickup and dating lifestyle.

He used to live in Cannes, when I met him. He was Swedish, coming from an upper middle background family. He was saying that he was studying but his notes and number of girlfriends proved the opposite.

However, his latest project was what you would call crazy.

Tarie had set as sole goal for the summer to meet an older than him rich woman and make her pay for his summer vacations. A quite modest and moral goal, I would say.

So, he set to achieve his strange goal.

In the weeks that arrived, he started dating some thirty something women. Some languages were saying that he was living with a rich Russian woman and that she was letting him live in her house and driving her car.

The society of Cannes and Juan-Les-Pins is quite complicated but it doesn’t take a lot to find someone.

At first I didn’t recognize him  because I was too busy looking at his car. A red, convertible car, that is.

“Do you want a ride”, told me with a very funny accent and a smile that only a Scandinavian can acquire after staying in the sun for too long.

“Darn, Tarie”, I thought to myself as I was getting in.

He explained me how he had progressed from the simple goal of meeting girls in Stockholm to his Playboy project where he could now meet rich women. He was a pickup artist, a modern Don Juan and he told me that living like this offered him a lot of satisfaction.

His advice to get rich woman was the following:

– Rich Women are usually wives of men that do not offer them pleasure. As a result they are not looking for the provider type of man, so there is no point of trying to impress such women with what you have achieved and how much money you have. What these women want is sexual pleasure and this means that you have to adopt a persona that is sexual and fun.

– Make sure that you look in good physical condition. These women look for a physical man and not someone with a belly as they have already one at home – or they had already one.

He also gave me a master plan:

– You have to hang out in usually expensive areas

– Go early in nightclubs and reserve always a table so that you can get access in the VIP room. Once there women are more open because you are kind of preselected.

– Buy an expensive pair of shoes and an expensive collection of shirts. This way women will not feel that you are way under their value.

– Use teasing and a lot of emotional storytelling as this is what their environment doesn’t provide. This what they need.

And yes, that car he drives does have a lot of horse power and quite some donkey power too under its cover. More than you need to get to the bakery and buy a baguette at least.

He left me at a  crossroad and said “Goodbye”, with his well known smile. As he was speeding away with a lot of noise, I was wondering if I would see him again.

I never did.

Source by John S. Theosen