Sometimes, when you are ready to get married, the very last thing you want standing in your way is TIME. Planning a quick wedding or elopement will help reduce the amount of time between going from a single person to a happily married couple. There are many romantic places to elope, but there are a few tips that I want to share with you on exactly HOW to plan a quick wedding.

1. State Marriage License Requirements: In order to get married you obviously must apply for a license in the state where you plan to marry. If you have a fast wedding, there are some states where this will be virtually impossible as they have much more strict marriage license requirements. However, do not lose hope, chances are – no matter where you live in the United States, you are less than one state away from a location that doesn’t have such stringent laws. There are some states that have no waiting period whatsoever regardless of your residency status. Nevada is one of those states, making Reno and Las Vegas one of the top destinations for quickie weddings. They have no waiting period, blood test requirements and their marriage licenses are cheap. Florida is another great location that has no waiting period for out of state residents. Before you reserve an elopement package in any state, be sure to check their requirements first. If the state has a waiting period, you can often times have this waived by the clerks office for “good reason”.

2. Breaking the news to family & friends: While some women definitely spend their entire lives dreaming of the perfect fairly tale wedding, there are also some parents and family members who are even more obsessed with the affair. The stress of dealing with feuding families is one of the top stress factors for many couples, coming second only to money. If you and your spouse to be find yourselves in this predicament, a quick wedding or elopement is ideal, but breaking the news to those close to you is even more difficult. At the end of the day this marriage is about you and your future spouse. It isn’t about in-laws, best friends, or anyone else. Flex your newly developed independence muscles by telling them that you are getting married YOUR way, not theirs. They can either hop on the train and enjoy the ride, or get off at the next station.

3. Who to invite?: Breaking the news to family and friends is a perfect segue to the question of who to invite, if anyone. Eloping doesn’t mean that you have to do it on your own, completely skipping every traditional aspect of a wedding ceremony. You can absolutely invite those close to you to attend your nuptials, with the understanding that whether they are there or not – the wedding is happening. Because elopements tend to happen much faster, it gives you the advantage and peace of mind in knowing that only those who truly care about you will be there to witness your special event.

4. Location: You can do something as simple as tying the knot at your local court house, or having a more customary ceremony down in Key West, Florida. Again, eloping doesn’t mean skipping tradition – it’s usually just skipping the horse and pony show normally associated with weddings. For many couples, the perfect location is one that can also double as their honeymoon.

Source by Natalia Harrison