For years in Las Vegas, Jason Tenner has been making the Artist Formerly Known as Prince come alive in Purple Reign: The Prince Tribute show. But this is far more than just a tribute show—Tenner inhabits his character to a truly stunning degree, not just re-creating his voice, but his moves and his guitar playing (no easy feat, as Prince was one of the best guitarists to ever walk the planet).

So when you hear all the classics like “When Doves Cry,” “Little Red Corvette,” “Purple Rain” (obviously), it’s a transportive experience. At times you’ll swear it’s the real deal onstage. And for Tenner, there’s no higher compliment. As Tenner recently told Las Vegas Magazine, “I believe Prince has had the same impact on the music artist community at large and has inspired many people to stretch out further than perhaps they would have. I believe Prince’s impact on music, his prolific catalogue of output, and his bravery as well as an artist, … will inspire musicians and artists for generations.”

Tropicana Las Vegas,

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