It’s inarguable that Las Vegas has the most unique skyline in America. Where else can you find a pyramid, next to a medieval castle, near a Manhattan skyline, near an Eiffel Tower replica, near a space needle? Yeah, nowhere. And smack dab in the middle of this skyline is the High Roller, a bright, beautiful observation wheel that stands 550 feet. For scale, that’s 100 feet taller than the London Eye.

And while it’s mesmerizing from the outside, the view is even better from the inside. With its great height and floor-to-ceiling glass cabins, the attraction offers incredible 360-degree views of Sin City. Daytime viewings reveal the stunning mountainous scenery that surrounds the Las Vegas valley, and late afternoon rides offer a chance to watch a gorgeous sunset. But nighttime views are ideal, for they capture the dazzling big-city lights that make this town so romantic and alluring. One spin cycle lasts half an hour, which seems like enough time to relax and take in all the scenery, but by the end of one revolution, you’re already thinking about taking another spin.

The Linq Promenade, 866.328.1888

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