Perhaps the most popular toy in history has her own homage. Barbie: A Cultural Icon features not only more than 150 vintage dolls, but also interviews from some of the designers responsible for the many different incarnations. “Barbie has an amazing and inspiring history,” said Tim Clothier, the CEO of Illusion Projects Inc., which partnered with toymaker Mattel to produce the exhibit. “There is a real sense of nostalgia when you see what was happening in the world, and in Barbie’s world, when you were a kid—and then follow the story to how she’s impacting our world today.”

For Barbie fans, the holy grail might be the display with the very first doll that Mattel produced in 1959. The first Barbie Dreamhouse is here as well. As someone who gave her Barbie a haircut and regretted it in all the years after, that glimpse back in time will be welcome indeed.

The Shops at Crystals,

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