When we last checked in with SayMyName, the pioneering LA-born DJ was spinning (and eating) his way through a whirlwind tour of China and getting ready to play his very first gig at Encore Beach Club. The topic, other than Chinese food, was his hard trap sound, already popular at Wynn Nightlife venues and other Vegas clubs, and how his Vegas set might play out.

“That’s a good topic to touch on now, because the set has definitely been evolving,” he says. SayMyName has become a steady Wynn resident, and he’s back for another EBC Nightswim this weekend. “I think probably by the third show of the residency, I realized that I got the green light from fans to experiment. When I play more hard trap in my set and the fans are going crazy to it, it makes me think I can play the music I give at festivals and bring that energy to the club at Wynn.”

His signature sound fuses a heavy brand of electronic dance music with hip-hop, and its surging popularity might be paving the way for SayMyName to return to his musical roots and produce original hip-hop tracks.

“That’s something the whole team has been discussing—bringing back those roots into what I’m doing now and doing features with rappers on the come up or bigger rappers, blending that urban world with dance music,” he says. “It’s kind of a new step, but a step I can see being pretty big. Things are in the works.”

That’s the future. For now, it’s all about the summer festival circuit with spots at Nocturnal Wonderland and Electric Zoo, and holding it down in Vegas, where it seems that more and more clubbers are decked out in SayMyName merch with every new show. “I’ve had fans hit me up to say, ‘I’m coming to Vegas for one night to see you,’ flying out from San Francisco or LA. And that’s cool, because those are things I would do when I was in college to go see Skrillex or somebody. It’s pretty crazy.”

NIGHTSWIM WITH SAYMYNAME August 3, 10 p.m., $25-$45. Encore Beach Club, 702-770-7300.

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