In the debate of all-time great rappers, Ludacris deserves an honorable mention. The Atlanta artist dominated his genre for a solid decade with his hilarious punch lines and raunchy innuendo, from breakout single “What’s Your Fantasy?” in 1998 to “My Chick Bad” in 2010. Though his focus in recent years has been on the big screen, he still drops the occasional banger. Here’s why you need to put some respect on Luda’s name when the rapper-actor double threat pulls a double shift at Daylight and Light on September 15.

1. He’s a party essential. When you really want to get the club jumping, you want something timeless that’s going to make everyone lose their inhibitions, dance barefoot and recklessly spill their drinks like they own the place. You want “Move Bitch,” and anyone afraid of catching an elbow will want to get out of the way as soon as that stampede of a beat drops.

2. His new(ish) music bangs, too. Though he has only dropped two full-length albums this decade, Ludacris hasn’t hung up the mic for good. In 2017, he dropped loose singles “Vitamin D” and “Vices,” the latter unsurprisingly filmed in Las Vegas. In it, he pals around with a giant afroed mascot, smoking a massive joint and making it rain on women in a hotel suite, as rappers tend to do. Both songs are ridiculous and NSFW, which is to say, they’re totally on-brand for the dude who gave us “Splash Waterfalls” and “Sex Room.” There’s no word on whether we’ll see a new album any time soon, though. His recent voice work as Max in family movie Show Dogs will have to hold us over for now.

3. He’ll pay for your groceries. For real. In a viral Facebook post, a woman in DeKalb County, Georgia, recounted how a customer in line at Whole Foods insisted on picking up her $375 tab after she came up short. When she asked the “handsome young African-American man” who he was, he modestly replied: “Just a guy.” Turns out it was a guy who starred in five Fast and the Furious movies. In a fine example of investigative journalism, The New York Times discovered that the generous rapper has been spotted more than 100 times at grocery stores from Southern California to Toronto. Naturally, we’ll be at the Town Square Whole Foods this weekend waiting with a full shopping cart. Avocados ain’t cheap.

LUDACRIS September 15, 11 a.m., $30-$60, Daylight; September 15, 10:30 p.m., $20-$30, Light; 702-632-4700.

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