Los Angeles also written as LA is always full of colorful events for those who dwell here or visit here especially for the sake of some memorable moments. Different months have their respective events, festivals and fairs. Some of these events are held annually and they have their distinct importance for these months and these months are associated with these events. For example, if we talk about the month of February, the first thing that peeps into our minds is that of Valentine festivities. So, months are associated with events and so is their fame. Though there are lots of events and colorful activities taking in Los Angeles in the month of February, however my top five suggestions are as under:

Valentine Tea and Tunes at Banning Museum: Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles is full of color, beauty and fragrance. There are several events taking place on this day and it becomes really very difficult to suggest a single one out of these events. However, if I have to suggest you only a single event, Valentine Tea and Tunes at Banning Museum would be my choice. The event is annually held in the memory of memory of the marriage of Phineas Banning and his second wife Mary on Valentine’s Day in 1870.

Writers Guild Awards Ceremony: The Writers Guild Awards honor outstanding writers for film, television, new media, videogames, news, radio, promotional, and graphic animation awards categories. This awards distribution ceremony can be a big event for those who take great interest in films and television or to those who are determined to start a promising career in the field of writing for above mentioned fields.

Queen Mary Scottish Festival: Every year in the month of February, Queen Mary Scottish Festival is celebrated to pay a tribute to its land of birth, Scotland. The festival is loaded with Scottish dance, music, foods, people and crafts etc. The festival takes place just after the Valentine’s Day so if celebrated together with the valentine’s festivities, it adds to the overall fun and entertainment.

Conscious Life Expo: If you’re still in search of your lover, are interested in learning about metaphysics, extraterrestrials, DNA adjustment, enhancing your psychic power and such other topics – this event is just for you!

African American Festival: This festival brings African American and African cultures together through different art and craft festivities. There are musicians, break dancers, tap dancers, story tellers and many more to decorate this festival with their artistic ventures.

The time and date schedules for these LA events can be matched with those given at the official websites of these events organizers. This will help you streamline your visit to the Los Angeles and to enjoy these events to the fullest extent.

Source by Frank W Willis