Even if the forecast is sunny, pool club season feels miles away. Or does it?

Wynn’s Encore Beach Club has continued its recent tradition of winter parties during the doldrums of the 2021-2022 season, shifting to the sleek indoor space once known as Surrender Nightclub for weekend gigs and throwing open the doors to the legendary pool space when the weather allows.

And just before the holidays, EBC amped up its programming with new monthly party Hype at Night, a glow-in-the-dark bash with extra entertainment augmenting the headlining DJ. It’s back on January 19, anchored by a set from Wynn resident and Bling Empire reality TV star Kim Lee.

Winter has always been the quietest time for dayclubs on the Strip but “I don’t think it’s been quiet for us,” says Marianna Albano, director of marketing for Wynn Nightlife. “We’ve been programming Encore Beach Club through winter for several years now, and with Wynn Field Club [at Allegiant Stadium] this past year, it’s actually ticked up a bit in winter for us.”

Encore Beach Club has installed a dome structure over its outdoor space during winter in recent years, but it’s not there this season. There is a temporary deck built over the center pool, layered with tables for outdoor bottle service when temperatures allow.

Hype at Night, an update on the Hype Beach weekly parties launched last summer, is all about a visually vibrant experience that works well indoors and outside.

“We had so much fun putting together Hype Beach in 2021, so this was a natural extension of the bright and colorful party we had designed, but made for a darker nighttime experience,” Albano says. “We kept the concept but wanted everything to stand out more, and what’s great about the [inside] space is how it flows outside to give guests two different settings and experiences.”

EBC’s staff gets decked out with glow-in-the-dark accent pieces for its uniforms. Dancers are adorned in glowing body paint and custom costumes, and neon stilt walkers add to the over-the-top fun. Additional confetti cannons shower brightly colored specks across the club, adding extra neon shimmer by way of custom black lights, disco balls, hand-painted curtains and sparkling signs.

Wynn has reached next door to the new Casa Playa restaurant to add to the Hype at Night programming. Restaurant guests, especially in the lounge area, receive glow-in-the-dark accessories to prepare them for the kaleidoscopic party that will ensue after drinks and food, strengthening the synergy between the two venues.

“I think guests know that no matter when or where they’re coming to Wynn, they’re going to get that first-class experience. It’s what we’re known for,” Albano says. “Hype at Night is a fun layer to change the space temporarily, and that’s why our regulars like coming back, because they know Wynn will always provide new products and experiences at the various venues.”

HYPE AT NIGHT WITH KIM LEE January 19, 10:30 p.m., $30-$55. Encore Beach Club, 702-770-7300, wynnsocial.com.

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